Home collection in an activity capable of creating huge advantages tied mainly to reduction in terms of expense and speed in terms of achievements.

It consists of an operation which is much more steadfast than phone collection since it is directed towards the collection of unpaid debts at the debtor’s domicile and it is carried out through a de visu consultancy that allows to reach regularization of the controversy while reckoning with the actual conditions of the defaulter through the assessment of their true situation (refusal, impossibility, willingness towards resolution) and the verification of collection feasibility, in full compliance with the demands of the client.

Home collection represents our first and fundamental service among those we offer. Our collection network consists of an exclusive structure made up by one-firm and long-time integrated operators, strictly qualified and up-to-date with the adaptation to privacy and professional ethics standards. Our collection agents carry out an activity which can never be considered as a simple task of impersonal debt collection, since they represent the best experts and specialists in terms of credit safeguard, both in legal and accounting field and in all that regards experience and competence in the psychological evaluation of the debtor, also thanks to the constant attendance at refresher courses organized by UNIREC and EBITEC.